The Lendermarket Concept

At Lendermarket we connect investors – private persons and institutions – to loans issued by digital finance companies from various European countries in one online P2P investment marketplace.

It all started out with an idea that investing should be easier and more rewarding for the investor, regardless of their location or the volume of available capital. With the near-endless possibilities the digital world has to offer, the team behind Lendermarket pooled their know-how, skills and energy to bring to life the idea that is simple borderless P2P marketplace. Lendermarket was born!

Lendermarket is not another intermediary for asset management, but an investment platform combining trustworthy borrowers from the European new age digital banking industry with investors who can benefit from this innovative financing opportunity. We offer fair returns and an investment environment where risks are controlled. Without any unnecessary fees, of course.

In a word, Lendermarket is a contemporary P2P marketplace for investing in loans while making sure investors' money is put to work with their best interests in mind.

New Asset Class

Lendermarket introduces its investors a new asset class that is loans. This asset class is one of the more exclusive parts of the financial world, due to its limited access and above the average returns. Until now, passage to this segment of the financial market has been limited to selected investors, namely large institutional investors. Thanks to Lendermarket it is now available to you as well.

Geographic footprint

Cross-border investing is what we do. Regardless of your location you can invest in loans issued in a number of European countries. As our partners’ geographic presence widens, so will the number of countries increase, that is available for you to invest in.

Meet the Management Team

Endrik Eller

Head of Lendermarket

Tõnis Vahesaar

Head of Legal and Compliance

Melita Raulinaityte

Head of Marketing