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General Information

Lendermarket connects investors to alternative assets offered by a range of carefully selected lending partners. We offer convenient and robust investment tools where individuals and institutional investors can grow their passive income at ease.
Creating an account is easy. Simply fill out the registration form available here: After registration is complete, you are required to verify your identity.
Both natural persons and companies can only have one investor account on Lendermarket.
We invite both individuals and companies to invest through Lendermarket platform. Individual investors are required to:
  • - be at least 18 years old,
  • - have a personal bank account in the European Economic Area or Switzerland,
  • - and have their identity successfully verified by the Lendermarket team.
Family trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other organizations must have a bank account in the EEA or Switzerland.

Please check the dropdown menu in the registration form to confirm if your country of residency and tax residency are included.
To verify the identity of the investor and before depositing funds, the investor shall be required to upload the following copies of identification documents:

Representative of the Company
- Evidence to show the authority of the representative to act on behalf of the company.

- A copy / photo of Certificate of Incorporation and
- A copy of commercial register within the last 3 months confirming that the company remains registered on that registry’s register of Companies and / or is in good standing, registered office address, country of tax residence.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners of the company
- A copy of both sides of valid local identity card or copy of passport from all Ultimate Beneficial Owners.
Investing through Lendermarket is completely free of charge. Lendermarket does not charge any fees for opening an account, depositing or withdrawing funds.
The investor shall be fully responsible for paying all taxes arising from any repayments obtained as a result of its investment based on the legislation of the respective country.All repayments will be paid from Lendermarket to the investor's bank account without any deduction or withholding for or on account of any tax.
Lendermarket does not provide any tax advisory services to the investors and we strongly suggest seeking professional tax advice.
Currently, we confirm only one active and verified bank account for each user of Lendermarket. The bank account used for the deposits will become an investor's default bank account.
It's easy! You need to transfer at least 0.01 EUR from your new bank account to Lendermarket's bank account for verification purposes.Your new bank account will be registered under your profile, then you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds to such account.
Please note that you can only switch to a bank account opened in a bank operating within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.
You can now refer Lendermarket to your friends. For every successful referral done, we will reward both you and your friend with a 1% bonus of up to 3,000 EUR that will be calculated on your friend’s invested amount, within the first 30 days from your friend’s identity validation.
Find your referral link here:

Lendermarket has also implemented an affiliate program in which investors can register through affiliate partners and obtain a cashback bonus. If you want to join the affiliate program please send an email to our support team at [email protected] to find out more.


You can transfer money to your Lendermarket investor account from your personal or company bank account.
Transfers in EUR can be done easily and at low cost using SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfer.

If your bank does not use SEPA transfers, your payment will be automatically rejected. We do not accept SWIFT transfers.

It is mandatory to add your reference number on the transaction in order for us to associate the deposit to your account.

Deposits are to be made to the following account:

Payment Service Provider: Fire Financial Services Limited
Beneficiary: Lendermarket Limited
IBAN: IE19CPAY99119949340079
No, deposits are only accepted from the same bank account holder as the Lendermarket investor account.
No, the only possible means of payment at the moment is bank transfer. This is due to Anti Money Laundering legal requirements.
We only accept transfers in Euro.
The money transferred will be converted automatically according to the exchange rate of the respective bank or it will be returned to the sender. There may be some loss of funds due to the exchange rate or the bank fee for returning an incorrect payment.
Please inform us at [email protected] about the error as soon as you notice.


You can initiate a withdrawal through your investor account at any given time for the funds available on your account. Please bare in mind that you cannot withdraw funds that are invested in loans.

Importantly, you can only withdraw funds to the same bank account from which the first deposit was made.
Lendermarket imposes no charges for withdrawals. Nevertheless, your bank or money transfer service provider may charge additional fees for transfers. We suggest consulting your bank or money transfer service provider to get more information on any such fees.
In most cases, Lendermarket will process your withdrawal within 3 business days after your request. Additionally, payments can take 1 to 3 more business days depending on various factors, such as the time of your withdrawal request, national holidays, and the bank receiving the funds.
Yes, it's easy! You need to transfer at least 0.01 EUR from your new bank account to Lendermarket's bank account for verification purposes. Your new bank account will be registered under your profile, then you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds to such account.
Please note that you can only switch to a bank account opened in a bank operating within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.
Yes, the minimum amount for withdrawal is 50.00 €. Lendermarket does not charge any fees for withdrawals. If the account value is less than 50.00 €, investors can only withdraw the total amount of their account value.

Auto Invest

Lendermarket’s Auto Invest is a simple solution that offers you a way to optimise your efforts. You simply set the criteria for your money to be invested and each time a loan that meets the conditions is identified from the loan list, an investment is made automatically, saving you time, but keeping you in full control. You can also stop, cancel or amend your Auto Invest portfolio at any time.
Your Auto Invest can be stopped by simply clicking the Stop button in your settings menu. Similarly, you can reactivate the Auto Invest by clicking the Activate button.
Once you have confirmed your investment criteria, Auto Invest will automatically review the loan list and starts investing in loans that meet your specific investment preferences. Whenever you amend your investment preferences, the loan list will be automatically reviewed again to find any new loans that would meet your investment criteria.
When Auto Invest is not investing, it is most often due to a lack of available loans corresponding to your specific investment preferences.
There is no priority when two or more portfolios are active. Currently, the system selects the order randomly.


To start off with, you need to have transferred available funds in your account at Lendermarket to start making investments. You can start investing with as little as EUR 10,00. Simply browse the loan list and find the loans that meet your investment preferences. Alternatively, use our convenient Auto Invest function to optimize your efforts even more.
No, once you have already reviewed and confirmed your investment in the loan, the investment cannot be canceled.
The minimum investment in any loan on Lendermarket platform is EUR 10,00.
There is no maximum amount to be invested.
You can see all of the transactions in your account under “Account statement” page. Please, use the filters to see income earned from your investments at any given period. Alternatively, please navigate to “Summary” page for an overview of received payments.
All interest rates are calculated up until the repayment date and expressed as annual figures. Interest rates are calculated based on the following formula: Residual amount invested x Interest rate (%) / 360 x Period of investment.
Net annualized return (NAR) is an annualized measure of the rate of return on actual investments made in loans, after actual write-offs and service charges. NAR is not a forward-looking projection of performance. NAR is only calculated for the amount of money invested in loans. Please note that funds that are not invested in loans are not included in NAR calculations.
To calculate NAR, the methodology called XIRR (Extended Internal Rate of Return) is used. Extended Internal Rate of Return (XIRR) is a method to calculate returns from investments done at different periods. To calculate XIRR we apply Excel formula. XIRR formula in Excel is =XIRR (values, dates, [guess]). Values represent the transaction amounts, dates are the transaction dates and guess is the approximate return.
Interest rate shows the weighted average interest rate for all the investments you have made.
You can find the Tax Report download button on your Profile page, on the Tax Report section. Please, select the range you want your report to include and download as a PDF document.
Assuming the borrower pays according to the loan schedule and the repayment is done on time, the investors will receive the funds to their investor account on a day following the scheduled repayment date. The interest is calculated up until the repayment date.
A Buyback Guarantee is a guarantee from the Loan Originator to the lender for a particular loan to buy back the loans that are more than 60 days overdue from their original due date at the nominal value of the outstanding principal, plus accrued interest income. All loans at Lendermarket come with a Buyback Guarantee.
The term “skin in the game” is commonly used in the finance industry. It refers to a situation when an owner(s) or principals of an investment vehicle maintain an equity stake in circumstances where outside investors are solicited to invest. This is to ensure the interests of the originator of the asset are aligned with the interests of the investor, as both sides have a stake in the investment.
All loan originators that place loans on Lendermarket are required to keep a certain percentage of each loan. For example, if a loan originator keeps 10% skin in the game, then 90% will be available for investors to invest in.
You can see the payment schedule for each loan under the section "Payment Schedule".


As with all investment opportunities, there are risks involved. Lendermarket has taken the following measures to mitigate the risk for investors, among others:

The security of your information and private data is a priority for us. Lendermarket deploys organized data storage following the highest security standards and legislation.

About Loans

For security reasons and to comply with data protection laws, we do not reveal any personal data of the borrowers.
In the event the borrower does not pay, the loan originator will pay you back the principal amount and accrued interest, thereby eliminating the risk of you losing your money.
When the borrower repays the loan before the scheduled term, your earned amount will be calculated according to the actual loan repayment date and transferred to your investor’s account.