Opening an investment account is easy!

It doesn’t matter if you are a retail or an institutional investor, where you are located or what is the amount you are looking to invest. Opening an investor account will only take a couple of minutes.

Getting started


Register account

We ask you to fill in your personal or company information. Once this is done, your investor account will be registered and you are all set to browse the marketplace.

Verify account

Before making your first deposit, we ask you to go through the verification process. Once the investor account is verified, you can deposit and withdraw funds whenever you please.

Deposit funds

With the first steps completed, you are all set to transfer the funds to your investor account in the amount you have decided to invest. This will get you started. You can easily add funds to your account on rolling basis.

Start investing

Feel free to hand pick the loans you are interested in financing or create an Auto Invest portfolio strategy, using the provided filters and options to meet your specific investment requirements.

Lendermarket is...


Lendermarket welcomes investors internationally as well as offers investment possibilities to many countries.


Be on top of your investments' progress with our investment monitors and analytics' tools.


Personal data and your money are our main concerns and here we do not compromise.


Lendermarket is an intuitive and a simple tool to use, helping you focus on investing.

Fair Value to Investors

Lendermarket has no administration fees for investors.

On-demand Automation

Between Lendermarket’s auto-invest and automated reinvesting features, you can choose the extent of tools to manage your portfolio (see following chapter).

Auto Invest and re-invest

Lendermarket provides you with convenient tools to automate the management of your funds.

You can create multiple portfolios with a mix of strategies, to diversify your investments. The performance of one portfolio has no effect on the others that you have set up. These are the investment management tools that are available to you:

Auto Invest

Lendermarket’s Auto Invest is a simple solution that offers you a way to optimise your efforts even more. You simply set the criteria for your money to be invested and each time a loan is issued that meets the conditions, an investment is made automatically, saving you time, but keeping you in full control. You can also pause or cancel your automatic investment portfolio at any time.


Like Auto Invest, re-invest also offers an automation for your asset management, but with a difference. Each time a loan in your portfolio receives a repayment from the borrower, the returned money is immediately reinvested without you having to place a manual order. Using the criteria set by you and with your possibility to cancel the feature any time.